Services & Info

At Freo Dental, be assured we can meet the dental needs of your entire family, from children to adults, be it emergency or not. Our knowledgeable & experienced team provides a broad range of dental services. This is whether you seek to maintain good oral health, get out of pain or want to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Our emergency treatments are tailored to meet your needs. Dr Kris Mistry is specialised in providing you with solutions that will give you the best long term results. 

We welcome emergency cases as we can prioritise to give you the immediate attention you need. Book An Emergency Appointment or Call our Team on (08) 9336 6588 and we’ll get you in quickly for an emergency appointment. We’ll address any pain that you’re in immediately and provide a rapid solution that restores your oral health and gives you instant pain relief.  We put urgent care first with everyone. 

We have customised take home teeth whitening kits which have boosted so many of our patients confidence with their smile so easily and quickly. Feel free to give us a call to find out more.

We are experts in crowns & dental implants, as well as extractions, root canals, veneers & fillings. We have the latest in 3D imaging technology on site and a range of sedation options that mean we can treat a huge range of issues onsite, without having to refer you onwards. We provide the best quality treatments with our local experienced Fremantle Dentist. Book in with Dr Kris for a consultation.