What sedation options do I have?

The large majority of simple procedures can be performed using local anaesthetic (LA) as this is often the quickest and most cost effective way of getting  treatment done.

However if you are a nervous or anxious patient, then we can offer a range of sedation options in conjunction to the LA to help you feel relaxed and give you a pleasant dental experience.

1. Penthox Gas - This is also known as the green whistle. It has a rapid onset with rapid recovery. This gives comfort to people who have needle anxiety.

2. Nitrous Gas - This sedative gas is great for children who require dental treatment. It can also be useful for adults with mild to moderate anxiety. 

3. Oral Sedation - This involves the prescribing of oral sedatives prior to a procedure. Sometimes this may also be used in conjuction with nitrous gas. 

4. Intravenous Sedation (IV) - This involves us bringing an anaesthetist to Freo Dental so they can provide you with a deeper (twilgiht) sedation. This is best used for long or complex treatment plans, or for those with extreme anxiety.

5. General Anaesthetic (GA) - For certain procedures, you may be best suited to a hospital environment. For example the removal of complex wisdom teeth. Dr Kris can discuss your options with you.