Our Team

Dr Krishan ("Kris") Mistry

Principle Dentist


Born and bred in Birmingham, UK, Dr Kris then graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2010. He completed his postgraduate studies in Nottingham and Edinburgh before moving to Western Australia in 2014. Having spent 8 years working in Rockingham, Fremantle was always home for the Mistry family and so acquired Freo Dental in 2022. A proud Freo local, supporting other local businesses, his children attend a lcoal School and he is passionate about making Dentistry more eco-friendly. In conjunction with his wife, Smita, this passion turned into the creation of Bamboo Buddy- a eco-friendly dental products company. To learn more about Bamboo Buddy, please see here.

Dr Kris is an experienced general dentist, and undertakes a range of treatments; including implants, crowns, cosmetic veneers, children's dentistry and treatment under sedation for anxious patients. He is a firm believer in continuous learning and regularly attends educational development courses to ensure the latest methods, techniques & materials are being used in his practice.

Dr Kris wecomes you to Freo Dental!

Dr Daisy

Cosmetic & Dermal Doctor


Dr Daisy is a local general practitioner and is delighted to join her long time friends Dr Kris and Smita at Freo Dental to provide injectables for medical and cosmetic reasons. Also originating from the UK Dr Daisy has called Fremantle home for over a decade.

She has travelled the world quite extensively and is confident there is no better place to raise her three young children; build her life and home and exercise her busy spaniel. Early aspirations to be a specialist in tropical skin diseases have gradually modified since she graduated in 2007, however the interest and enthusiasm for dermatology remains. Work in the injectable field has been a super fun addition over the past 3 years and has created a loyal following of patients who delight in her natural results, subtle enhancements and life-changing response to common medical issues. You will find her to be chatty but calm; capable but humble and relaxed but confident.

Smita Mistry

Business Manager

Smita focuses her time in ensuring the practice is dedicated to providing exceptional dental care that prioritises building lifelong patient relationships. She is the Business Manager of the practice and also takes care of the daily tasks at the practice that involve marketing, accounting and supplier management. Most importantly, Smita is committed to making sure every patient that enters Freo Dental receives the very best and highest quality of patient care and experience. She also takes on the role of being the receptionist on a regular basis, as she thoroughly enjoys meeting and getting to know the local community that are patients to Freo Dental.

Smita is also a Freo local and wife to Dr Kris. She has a background in Chemistry and understands the chemical nature and dangers of hydrocarbon plastics in the world. As a chemical professional, she was disturbed by the amount of non-biodegradable plastics generated by the dental industry, both in surgery and by patients. So she has made it the practices' mission to take on an eco-friendly approach to dentistry and create a positive impact to our environment, as we appreciate the importance of ensuring the world is left in a good place to support our future generations.