Digital Dentistry

At Freo Dental, we are committed to investing on the latest digital dental equipment. This includes:

  • 3D intraoral scanners: This has almost eliminated the need for those putty impressions at our clinic so no more horrible gagging!  This is used for making dentures, crown, implants, orthodontic retainer, mouthguards.
  • 3D CBCT (X-ray) machine: This is for high resolution pre-surgical imaging. This is used for implants and root canal treatments.
  • Latest soft tissue lasers: This is for tissue modification with rapid healing compared with using traditional blades and scalpels. This is used for treatment of gum disease, recontouring gum tissue and biopsies. 
  • Intraoral cameras: So you can actually see what is going on inside your mouth! This allows us to share more knowledge about the treatment undertaken.