HCF More For Teeth Program

At Freo Dental, we are committed to reducing or removing the gap for selective preventive dental services by working with Health Funds.

We are delighted to be a HCF Preferred Provider and participate in their More For Teeth Program.

As a HCF member, you will enjoy the following preventative and diagnostic dental benefits every year. You will also be able to claim your custom-made mouthguards for sports as part of your dental insurance benefit.

Please note out-of-pocket expenses (gap payments) will be subject to your level of cover and annual entitlements. If you are unsure of your coverage, please contact HCF before your dental visit.

 011  Comprehensive Oral Examination
012 Periodic Oral Examination (up to 2 per year)
013 Oral Examination – limited
022 Intraoral Periapical or Bitewing Radiograph – initial film (up to 4 per day)
037 Panoramic Radiograph (Up to 3 in any 5 year period)
111 Removal of Plaque and / or Stain (Up to 2 per year)
114 Removal of Calculus – first visit (Up to 2 per year)
115 Removal of Calculus – subsequent visit (Up to 2 per year)
121    Topical Application of Remineralizing Agent – one treatment (Up to 1 per year)   
151 Provision of Mouthguard - indirect (Up to 2 per year)