Children’s Dentistry

 At Freo Dental, we can provide high quality care for your children and family. Children enjoy visiting Dr Kris as he is super friendly and very comfortable with checking children's teeth. Dr Kris is dedicated to helping your kids build healthy smiles from the very beginning of their oral health care journey so that they can have strong teeth for life! We pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with our patients by providing them with excellent dental care services.

When should Children start seeing the Dentist?

We strongly recommend your children having a dental check-up every 6 months to a year starting from the age of 2-3 or sooner if you have any concerns.

What options are avaiable for anxious or nevous children?

We understand children may feel nervous about visiting the dentist. For those who are, we can offer Nitrous Gas. This sedative gas is great for children who require dental treatment and helps them feel calm and comfortable. 

What are our costs for children's dental treatment?

$99 - Full Check-up and clean.

FREE Dental Treatment - If your children are eligible for dental treament through Medicare CDBS (Child Dental Benefits Scheme), we can claim the treatment costs through the Medicare details you provide. We can also check to see what funds are available for your children's dental treatment for the year.

NO GAP Check-up - We provide GAP free check-up for children who have Private Health Insurace as we claim what is paid from the HICAPS / Health Fund Rebate, so you have no addional costs to pay. If your child requires further dental treatment, then there may be a gap to pay. This would be discussed by Dr Kris prior to any treatment undertaken.

Please stay on top of your childnen's regular check-ups, it really matters for their future oral health wellbeing. Please give our friendly staff a call on 9336 6588 and we will be more than happy to help you schedule an appointment for your children.